evalogoThe creation of this website is due to the disposition of Eva‘s mother, to share the website content with parents and teachers who support pupils.

The purpose of the content material is to facilitate parents, teachers and those who specially teach children with P.D.D. (Pervasive Developmental Disorders), providing them with simple ideas and a ready stock, which can be used to create educational teaching material according to the individual capabilities and needs of each pupil.

The objective goal is that by differentiating the daily educational curriculum provided by the general school, the child can be able to participate in the joint learning process and strengthen the relationship interaction with other peers through acceptance. Moreover, stress which comes from the feeling of rejection is reduced.

This educational material was created and developed as a product of observation and evaluation of individual differences, that mother observed in her child Eva. It was given the chance for the school matter to be differentiated according to the needs of the child, by emphasising in the visualization and personalization of the school program of the Pedagogical Institute (P.I). Within these frameworks, the material was used either as a single printout copy (using and laminated printouts) or in succession stories (Study - History).

You are able to download the material in editable. DOC formats before printing, in order to personalize it to the needs of each child individually .

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By clicking the blue icon (in the example "wra.docx")

The results of this effort were extremely successful for Eva - a sweet little young girl with autism, resulting in the participation of the girl in the learning process during her attendance in the third year (class) of a Greek primary school, in school year 2010-2011. The effort is continued in the fourth class of primary school in the same way.

The contributors of this educational material anticipate that it will constitute a useful companion for many students who require differentiated learning and material, in order a successful approach and assimilation of the curriculum to be achieved.

The formation of this website offers the potential to anyone (branded or anonymous) who wish to enrich the existing material, through the process of recording new material or sending e-mail with suggestions and material in the contact menu.

This educational material was carried out by Mrs. Karaxalia Fotini (Psychologist, Postgraduate Student in Evolutionary School Psychology, AUTH) and implemented by the parallel support teacher Mrs. Sophia Koupidou (Psychologist - Special Education Teacher Msc, AUTH ) in tandem with the teacher of the third class of Eva’s primary school, during the school year 2010-2011. At the same time an equivalent program is implemented in close cooperation with the teacher of the fourth class of the same primary school.

I appreciate for the help, all the contributors of the school unit and all those who helped in creating the content of the website, hoping that this site will provide a framework for communication, exchange of views, comments, information and knowledge.

Thessaloniki November of 2011

The website is under construction.

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